Ahmed Magdy Elmaghwry Radwan

PhD Student Fellow
PhD Student Fellow


0039 3493879352


I'm a PhD Student Fellow at the Italian institute of technology (iit, Genova), Studied Master of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Robotics) and Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering (Electro-Mechanical Systems), having deep passion for developing robotic systems and its capabilities to make a  difference in people's life in different fields.

Currently, I'm working on computer vision for legged robots, where I'm investigating new approaches for quadruped robot navigation using multi-sensor systems where LiDAR and Stereo-vision cameras are the main sensors. 

My Master's thesis was under the topic of “Path planning and trajectory optimization for autonomous vehicles with aerial reconnaissance” it's mainly focusing on the principle of cooperation between multiple autonomous Vehicles which were quad copter and ground vehicle. 

My bachelor graduation project was a research project focusing on a Magnetic Based Robotic System for targeted therapy and clearing of clogged blood vessels using Helical Micro Robots.


Computer Vision Autonomous Systems and Mechatronics.