Robot design and development

HyQ and HyQ blueA key expertise of the DLS lab is the design, development and construction of hydraulic quadruped robots. The lab has built several prototypes: HyQ (2010), HyQ2Max (2015), MiniHyQ (2015), and HyQReal (2019). The first leg prototype was built and tested in 2008. All quadrupeds in the HyQ series have 12 active degrees of freedom that are driven by hydraulic actuators. The legs, torso and actuators are mainly made out of aerospace-grade aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. The protective skin and feet are made of kevlar-glass fiber panels and rubber, respectively. Since 2012 the lab has been investigating the use of metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) to improve the hydraulic components and robot design in general. The Moog@iit joint lab was inaugurated in 2016 with the goal to develop the next generation hydraulic quadruped. Moog has developed the Integrated Servo Actuator (ISA) that has a 3D printed body in titanium. HyQReal is the result of IIT and Moog's fruitful collaboration. Learn More