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Lazzaroni M., Tabasi A., Toxiri S., Caldwell D.G., Kingma I., De Momi E., Ortiz J.
Back-Support Exoskeleton Control Using User’s Torso Acceleration and Velocity to Assist Manual Material Handling
Biosystems and Biorobotics, vol. 27, pp. 189-193
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Tabasi A., Lazzaroni M., Brouwer N.P., Kingma I., van Dijk W., de Looze M.P., Toxiri S., Ortiz J., van Dieen J.H.
Calibrating an EMG-Driven Muscle Model and a Regression Model to Estimate Moments Generated Actively by Back Muscles for Controlling an Actuated Exoskeleton with Limited Data
Biosystems and Biorobotics, vol. 27, pp. 401-405
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Park D., Natali C.D., Caldwell D.G., Ortiz J.
Control Strategy for Shoulder-SideWINDER with Kinematics, Load Estimation, and Friction Compensation: Preliminary Validation
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, vol. 7, (no. 2), pp. 1278-1283
Article Journal
Moreno O.A., Draicchio F., Monica L., Anastasi S., Caldwell D.G., Ortiz J.
Designing an Integrated Tool Set Framework for Industrial Exoskeletons
Biosystems and Biorobotics, vol. 27, pp. 583-588
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Sposito M., Poliero T., Di Natali C., Semprini M., Barresi G., Laffranchi M., Caldwell D., De Michieli L., Ortiz J.
Exoskeletons in elderly healthcare
Internet of Things for Human-Centered Design: Application to Elderly Healthcare, Publisher: Springer
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