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Casella A., Moccia S., Cintorrino I.A., De Paolis G.R., Bicelli A., Paladini D., De Momi E., Mattos L.S.
Deep-Learning Architectures for Placenta Vessel Segmentation in TTTS Fetoscopic Images
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 13374 LNCS, pp. 145-153
DOI 10.1007/978-3-031-13324-4_13 Conference Paper Book Series
Soriero D., Batistotti P., Malinaric R., Pertile D., Massobrio A., Epis L., Sperotto B., Penza V., Mattos L.S., Sartini M., Cristina M.L., Nencioni A., Scabini S.
Efficacy of High‐Resolution Preoperative 3D Reconstructions for Lesion Localization in Oncological Colorectal Surgery—First Pilot Study
Healthcare (Switzerland), vol. 10, (no. 5)
Cimolato A., Driessen J.J.M., Mattos L.S., De Momi E., Laffranchi M., De Michieli L.
EMG-driven control in lower limb prostheses: a topic-based systematic review
Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, vol. 19, (no. 1)
Venugopal A., Moccia S., Foti S., Routray A., MacLachlan R.A., Perin A., Mattos L.S., Yu A.K., Leonardo J., De Momi E., Riviere C.
Real-time vessel segmentation and reconstruction for virtual fixtures for an active handheld microneurosurgical instrument
Computer-Assisted Radiology and Surgery
Azam M.A., Sampieri C., Ioppi A., Benzi P., Giordano G.G., De Vecchi M., Campagnari V., Li S., Guastini L., Paderno A., Moccia S., Piazza C., Mattos L.S., Peretti G.
Videomics of the Upper Aero-Digestive Tract Cancer: Deep Learning Applied to White Light and Narrow Band Imaging for Automatic Segmentation of Endoscopic Images
Frontiers in Oncology, vol. 12
Geraldes A., Fiorini P., Mattos L.S.
A Focus Control System based on Varifocal Mirror for CO2 Fiber-Coupled Laser Surgery
IEEE Transactions on Medical Robotics and Bionics
Casella A., Moccia S., Paladini D., Frontoni E., De Momi E., Mattos L.S.
A shape-constraint adversarial framework with instance-normalized spatio-temporal features for inter-fetal membrane segmentation
Medical Image Analysis, vol. 70
Azam M.A., Sampieri C., Ioppi A., Africano S., Vallin A., Mocellin D., Fragale M., Guastini L., Moccia S., Piazza C., Mattos L.S., Peretti G.
Deep Learning Applied to White Light and Narrow Band Imaging Videolaryngoscopy: Toward Real-Time Laryngeal Cancer Detection
Paderno A., Piazza C., Del Bon F., Lancini D., Tanagli S., Deganello A., Peretti G., De Momi E., Patrini I., Ruperti M., Mattos L.S., Moccia S.
Deep Learning for Automatic Segmentation of Oral and Oropharyngeal Cancer Using Narrow Band Imaging: Preliminary Experience in a Clinical Perspective
Frontiers in Oncology, vol. 11
Mohammadbagherpoor H., Acemoglu A., Mattos L., Caldwell D., Johnson J., Muth J., Grant E.
Designing and Testing a Closed-loop Magnetically Actuated Laser Scanning System for Tissue Ablation
Journal of Medical Devices, Transactions of the ASME
Manfredi L., Mattos L.S., Melzer A.
Editorial: Novel Actuators, Sensors and Control Systems for Endoscopic Robots
Frontiers Robotics AI, vol. 8
Pereira G.A.S., Drews P.L.J., Wolf D.F., Mattos L.S.
ICAR 2019 Special Issue
Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems: Theory and Applications, vol. 102, (no. 4)
Naceri A., Mazzanti D., Bimbo J., Tefera Y.T., Prattichizzo D., Caldwell D.G., Mattos L.S., Deshpande N.
The Vicarios Virtual Reality Interface for Remote Robotic Teleoperation: Teleporting for Intuitive Tele-manipulation
Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems: Theory and Applications, vol. 101, (no. 4)
Geraldes A., Penza V., Mattos L.S.
Towards a Compact Vision-based Auto-Focusing System for Endoscopic Laser Surgery
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)
DOI 10.1109/IROS51168.2021.9636740 Conference Paper Conference
Carobbio A.L.C., Missale F., Fragale M., Mora F., Guastini L., Parrinello G., Canevari F.R.M., Peretti G., Mattos L.S.
Transoral laser microsurgery: feasibility of a new exoscopic HD-3D system coupled with free beam or fiber laser
Lasers in Medical Science, vol. 36, (no. 9), pp. 1865-1872