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Luca Ceseracciu

Chief Technician
Materials Characterization
Research center
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Safarpour M., Zych A., Najafi M., Tedeschi G., Ceseracciu L., Marini L., Perotto G., Athanassiou A.
Biobased and biodegradable imine vitrimers from epoxidized soybean oil as packaging
Journal of Applied Polymer Science, vol. 141, (no. 25)
Article Journal
Najafi M., Forestier E., Safarpour M., Ceseracciu L., Zych A., Bagheri A., Bertolacci L., Athanassiou A., Bayer I.
Biodegradable polylactic acid emulsion ink based on carbon nanotubes and silver for printed pressure sensors
Scientific Reports, vol. 14, (no. 1)
Article Journal
Domenici S., Micheli S., Crisci M., Rohnke M., Hergert H., Allione M., Wang M., Smarlsy B., Klar P.J., Lamberti F., Cimetta E., Ceseracciu L., Gatti T.
Hybrid Piezoresistive 2D MoS2/PEGDA/PANI Covalent Hydrogels for the Sensing of Low-to-Medium Pressure
Small Structures
Article Journal
Bonga K.B., Bertolacci L., Contardi M., Paul U.C., Zafar M.S., Mancini G., Marini L., Ceseracciu L., Fragouli D., Athanassiou A.
Mycelium Agrowaste-Bound Biocomposites as Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Materials in Building Construction
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, vol. 309, (no. 6)
Fragassi A., Greco A., Di Francesco M., Ceseracciu L., Abu Ammar A., Dvir I., Moore T.L., Kasem H., Decuzzi P.
Tribological behavior of shape-specific microplate-enriched synovial fluids on a linear two-axis tribometer
Friction, vol. 12, (no. 3), pp. 539-553