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Valerio Placidi

Guest Student
Neuroscience and society
Research center

PhD student student in Theoretical and Applied neuroscience. My research interests include the study of the physiological and neural basis of joint actions, moral behavior and anti-mafia intentions. In my work I use a range of investigation techniques: ECG, EDA recording, tDCS, tACS, TMS, kinematics recording, Immersive Virtual Reality.

All Publications
Bonaiuto M., Placidi V., Cataldi S., Faggioli S., Geb M., Kulinska A., Pinello G., Sande G. V. S., Thorstensen L. O.
Career ToolVip24 effectiveness in enhancing self-efficacy, self-esteem, attitude toward enterprise and entrecomp dimensions in students from different european countries
Ricerche di Psicologia
Article Journal
Placidi V., Boukarras S., Era V., Cuomo G., Cucuzza G., Tieri G., Marangolo P., Candidi M., Aglioti S.M.
Facilitating the recovery of high-level motor functions in apraxia patients through VR and tDCS
Poster Conference
Bonaiuto F., Perucchini P., Placidi V., Faggioli S., Barroca A., Ferot C., Netz L., Xie M., Bonaiuto M.
“Play to Lead” Board Game as a potential intervention to promote Entrepreneurship competences and Servant Leadership Skills in European adolescents
Psychology Hub
Placidi V., Boukarras S., Schepisi M., Era V., Panasiti M.S., Candidi M.
You don't deserve my honesty! The way individuals obtain their social status influences moral behaviour towards them
10th Mind, Brain and Body Symposium
Poster Conference