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Technology Transfer

IIT research results are to a large extent a public asset which should be applied for society's use and benefit. Applying knowledge and technologies to society includes transferring them to the industry in order to increase IIT’s contribution to the innovation process while generating income to support research and reward inventors.

Technology Transfer aims at bringing knowledge from research to the market. It includes protection of new technologies by means of patents and copyright, as well as the strategic licensing of IIT Intellectual Property. It also supports the creation of start-up companies, which may originate from a worthy combination of the cutting-edge knowledge and the entrepreneurial spirit of some IIT researchers.

Moreover, Technology Transfer provides support to negotiate and define agreements with industries to carry out R&D and competitive industrial research

Finally, IIT Technology Transfer promotes dissemination and training activities for the scientific community as well as research and networking with other Research Organizations to improve knowledge and effectiveness in transferring technologies.

So far Technology Transfer activity has led to more than 1100 patents or patent applications27 consolidated start-ups and 28 start-ups launched.

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Si pubblica la determina del Direttore Scientifico contenente la graduatoria dei soggetti ammessi alla negoziazione del contratto di licenza di know-how bandito su questa piattaforma in data 4 febbraio 2021, prot. IIT nr. 0000922/21. (file .pdf)

Tech Transfer Activities


Industrial Liaison

Industrial Liaison allows companies and entrepreneurs to look at our procedures. It provides information on what companies can expect when working with IIT

Joint Labs

IIT has established a number of Joint Laboratories with major international companies and R&D entities.


The proactivity of some researchers has led to the creation of several start-ups in high-technology fields such as health technologies, smart materials, energy and robotics.


IIT adopts the international model of public research that creates innovation and influences the economy - production.


The IIT Technology Transfer (TT) FAQs section attempts to answer some of the most frequently asked questions relating to our main activities.